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Reptile Dry Goods.

Vivariums and Enclosures

***Please contact us if you require a vivarium size that is not listed***


 Heating and Lighting Equipment

Exo Terra

25W Daytime Heat Lamp

15W Nighttime Heat Lamp

Infrared Basking Spot 50W, 75W, 100W, 150W

Daylight Basking Spot 50W, 75W, 100W, 150W

Intense Basking Spot 50W, 75W, 100W, 150W



Arcadia D3 Basking Lamp (Mercury Vapour Bulb) 80W, 100W, 160W

Arcadia Halogen Spot 50W

5% Euro Range 15W 18"

5% Euro Range 18W 24"

5% Euro Range 25W 30"

5% Euro Range 30W 36"

5% Euro Range 38W 42"

10% Euro Range 15W 18"

10% Euro Range 18W 24"

10% Euro Range 25W 30"

10% Euro Range 30W 36"

10% Euro Range 38W 42"


Ceramic Bulbs

White Python Ultra Slim Heat Lamp 60W, 100W and 150W

Komodo Ceramic Bulbs 60W, 100W,150W and 200W



Microclimate Ministat 100W

Microclimate Ministat 300W 

Microclimate B1 Digital Dimmin Thermostat, suitable up to 600W

Microclimate B2 Digital Pulse Thermostat, suitable up to 600W


Heatmats and Heat Cables

Ultratherm 6"x11" HeatMat

Ultratherm 11"x11" HeatMat

Ultratherm 17"x11" HeatMat


Fittings and Guards

GloMat T8 Starter Unit 20W

GloMat T8 Starter Unit 30W

Komodo Ceramic Bulb Holder with bracket, wire and plug

Screw-Bayonet Converter

Screw fitment with wire and plug, max 60W

Bayonet fitment with wire and plug, max 100W

RepStyle Bulb Guards, with bottom opening for easy bulb change.

Heavy Duty Heat Bulb Guards, ideal for use with Boas, Pythons and Monitors. 

Exo Terra Glo Light Reflector Medium 

Exo Terra Glo Light Reflector Large

Exo Terra Compact Top 12"

ProRep Universal Hanging Bracket

Komodo Reflector in White, up to 200W

Komodo Reflector in Black, 60W

Komodo Reflector in Black, 150W

Heavy Duty Ceramic Guards, available in white and black.

Komodo UV Reflector 10W,15W,18W,25W


Substrates and Hatching Media

Orchid Bark

Live Sphagnum Moss

Coco Fibre Brick

Namiba Spider Brick

Tortoise Terrain


Aspen Bedding

Beechwood Chip Fine

Beechwood Chip Coarse 

Reptilite Sand 10lb and 20lb bags, various colours

ZooMed Forest Floor

Spider Substrate

Namiba Terra Terrarium Sand

Hobby Terrano Cork

Exo Terra Bio Drain Meshing, available in 4 Sizes.

Lucky Reptile Hydro Fleece

Exo Terra Bio-Drain

ZooMed Hydro Balls

ZooMed ReptiBark 

Coconut Husk Chips Compressed Brick


Sedge Peat

Spider Life

Komodo Forest Terrain

Moss Mat


Tropical Terrain, Small and large bricks, triple pack large bricks.

Tortoise Eco Terrain



Arcadia T8 Light Clips

Exo Terra Dial Thermometer

Exo Terra Digital Thermometer

Exo Terra Dial Hygrometer

Exo Terra Digital Hygrometer

ZooMed Digital Thermometer

Komodo Thermometer and Hygrometer Combi

Exo Terra Feeding Tongs

ZooMed Sand Sieve

Komodo Terrarium Glass Lock

Hobby FotoFix Photo Background Adhesive.

Exo Terra Mister

ZooMed Turtle Dock Small

ZooMed Turtle Dock Medium

ZooMed Turtle Dock Large

ProRep Door Wedges

ProRep Live Food Care Kit

Universal Lamp Holder

Replacement Cricket Pen Sponges

Komodo Nail Clippers

Komodo Digital Combined Thermometer and Hygrometer

Komodo Thermometer, Dial

Komodo Hygrometer, Dial

Plastic Feeding Tongs

Komodo Terrarium Locks, 2 keys



Food and Water 

Exo Terra Hide Out Cave Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large

Exo Terra Water Bowl, Small, Medium Large and Extra Large

Coconut Hide

Tortoise Pool

Exo Terra Feeding dish

RepStyle Food Trunk

RepStyle Water Dish

Rock Water Dish

Rock With Water dish

Exo Terra Cricket Pen

Turtle Island With Pump 

Worm Dish

Komodo Terraced Water Dish

Komodo Smart Dish

Komodo Meal Worm Dish



Repashy Crested Gecko Meal Replacement Powder

Komodo Crested Gecko Diet

White Python Dried Tortoise Diet, Juvenile

White Python Dried Tortoise Diet, Adult

White Python Dried Tortoise Food, Nettle Leaves

White Python Dried Tortoise Food, Chamomile

Komodo Tortoise Diet Fruit and Flower 170g,340g and 680g

Komodo Terrapin Complete Diet


 Plants and Decor 

Exo Terra Silk Plants available in Small, Medium and Large (Ficus, Ruscus, Abutilon)

ZooMed Plastic Plants available in Small, Medium and Large (Borneo Star, Congo Ivy, Bolivian Croton, Mexican Pyhlo) 

RepStyle Jungle Vegetation 70cm Hanging plants with suction cup

ZooMed Naturalistic Flora Bunch Grass

Exo Terra Jungle Vine

Desert Plants on Rock bases

Cactus on Rock Bases

Driftwood with plant

Barrel Cactus on Rock Base

Bark Hide Out Small, Medium, Large

Snake Rock

RepStyle Goat Skull

RepStyle Sabertooth Skull

RepStyle Triceratops Skull

Rock Arch

Rock Formations 

Mopani Wood

Bamboo with plant

Orchids on Rock Bases

Komodo Foreground Plants

Komodo Grasses

Jungle Plants on Base

Rainforest Plants on Base.

Exo Terra Gecko Cave

Komodo Habba Hut, available in 4 sizes

Papaya Leaf Vine

Pholidendron Plant


Disinfectants, Supplements and Treatments.

Beaphar Deep Clean 500ml

Tamodine E vivarium disinfectant 250ml

Tamodine Wound Cleanser 50ml 

ProRep Hand Sanitiser Pens

ProRep Wipes

ProRep Ultimate Vivarium Disinfectant

ProRep Hand Gel

ProRep Viv Clean

BSP Vitamin Drops 50ml 

Vetark ArkVits 50g

Vetark Nutrobal 50g

T-Rex Calcium Cricket food

Zolcal D 120ml

ZooMed Shedding Aid

Repashy Bug Burger

Repashy Calcium Plus HyD

Repashy Calcium Plus LoD

ProRep Bug Grub

ProRep Bug Gel

ProRep Calci Powder

Cuttle bone discs


Komodo Cricket Dust

Komodo Revitalive


Frozen Food


Mouse              Single         Bulk Qty    Price

Day Old Pinkes     30p                        100         £30..00

Pinkie                       40p                        100         £35.00

Fuzzy                        50p                          50         £22.50

Crawler                   55p                          50         £25.00

Small                       60p                          50          £27.50

Medium                 80p                          50         £37.50

Large                       95p                          50         £45.00

Jumbo                  £1.20                         25         £28.75


Rat         Single         Bulk Qty    Price

Pup         60p                          50          £27.50

Fluff        90p                          50          £42.50

L Fluff   £1.20                        25         £26.25

S.Wean   £1.70                       50          £67.50

L.Wean   £1.80                        50         £77.50

Small      £2.00                       10          £19.00

Medium   £2.50                     10          £23.50

Large      £2.80                         5          £12.75

X-Large   £3.50                       5          £17.25

Giant       £4.50                       5          £22.25


Multi Mammate Mice £3.00


Guinea Pigs

Standard Guinea Pig      £2.50

Large Guinea Pig           £3.50



Small White Rabbit                 £3.00

Standard White  Rabbit            £6.50

Giant White Rabbit                  £9.50

Small Wild Rabbit                   £3.00

Large Wild Rabbit                   £4.00


Day Old Chicks

Single    10p

Bag of 25     £2.25



Standard Quail  £2.85


Hamster       £1.50



Small       £3.00

Large       £5.00




Live Food

£2.50 on any pre-pack of live food, or any 3 tubs for £6.00

Bulk bag of 25 5th Hoppers £7.50

Bulk bag of 50 5th Hoppers £13.50

Please contact us for prices on any other foods. 


Other available livefoods are:

Giant African Land Snails

Lob Worms

Feeder Roaches

Fruit Beetle Grubs

Giant Lob Worms

Small Worms

Bean Weavels

Calci Worms

Fruit Flies

White Worm


Please contact us for the availability of the above list. 

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