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Available Animals

This is the page where you will find all of our available animals.


On Snakes that we have produced, this will include:

  • Parental Information
  • Slough
  • Feeds and how they feed.

All snakes will have a MINIMUM of 4 CONSECUTIVE feeds.


All Geckos and other lizards will be a minimum of 8 weeks of age. 

Live Stock List

Lizards: Please ask if you wish to view some of these, as some are not on shop floor.

Sheltopusik (Legless Lizards)

Frilled Dragon

African Fat Tailed Gecko

CB18 Madagascan Giant Day Geckos, bred in store. . 

CB18 Leopard Gecko

Green Basilisk

 CB18 Yemen Chameleon

CB18 Crested Gecko

CB17 Tokay Gecko


Snakes: Please ask if you wish to view some of these, as some are not on shop floor.

CB14 Columbian Rainbow Boa, Female

CB16 Carpet Python

CB17 Checkered Garter Snakes

CB17 Albino Kenyan Sand Boa

CB17 Mexican Pine Snake

Amazon Tree Boa


Sub Adult and Adult Royal Pythons: Please ask to view as these are not on shop floor.

Male Lesser

Female Normal

Male Spider het. Albino and Axanthic

Female Cinamon



Horsfields Tortoise

Red Footed Tortoise 



Whites Tree Frog

Green and Black Poison Dart Frog


Tarantulas and other Invertebrates:

Trinidad Chevron, Adult Female. 

Costa Rican Tiger Rump ​C.fasciatum

Chaco Gold Knee, ​G.pulchripes (MM)

Trinidad Olive N.incei

Singapore Blue Tarantula L.violacepes

Madagascan Hissing Cockroaches

Javan Hissing Cockroach

Cameroon Red Baboon

Greater Hornedo7 Baboon

White Knee Tarantula

Asiain Forest Scorpion

Costa Rican Zebra Leg

King Baboon

Giant Millipedes

Socotra Island Blue Baboon

Headlight Cockroach

Nigerian Brown Tarantula

Zebra Tarantula 


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