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Fish Dry Goods.

We have recently opened up a Aquatics Department We can get a wide variety of items to order. If there is anything in particular that you need, please contact us via the Contact Us form, the phone number or via Facebook and we will see what we can do for you. 



Aqua One 14L Starter Tank, comes with built in LED Lighting and Filter. Available in black and white.

Aqua One EcoStyle 61 70L Aquarium, Black with Oak Cabinet. Built in Trickle Filter and LED Lights.

Aqua One Panoramic 30 30L Hexagonal Tank. Built in Trickle Filter and LED Touch Sensitive Light. 



Aqua One 55L Filter

Aqua One 75L Filter

Aqua One 100L Filter

Aqua One 180L Filter

Fluval Mini

Fluval U1

Fluval U2

Fluval U3

Fluval U4

Corner Filter

Bio-Sponge Filter

Power Head 300l/h


Filter Media

Filter Foam Pads for Mini

Filter Foam Pads for U1

Filter Foam Pads for U2

Filter Foam Pads for U3

Filter Foam Pads for U4

Fluval Biomax for U2 U3 and U4

Filter Poly Carbon Cartridge for U2

Filter Poly Carbon Cartridge for U3

Filter Poly Carbon Cartridge for U4

SUPA Activated Carbon

SUPA Filter Wool

Ceramic Rings

Filter Wool

Aqua One Filter MicroPad


Air Pump

Interpet AP Mini

Interpet AP1

Interpet AP2

Interpet AP3

Interpet AP4



50W Heater

100W Heater

150W Heater

200W Heater

300W Heater


ZooMed Tropic Sun 15W

ZooMed Tropic Sun 18W

ZooMed Tropic Sun 30W

ZooMed Tropic Sun 32W

AquaGlo Tubes

SunGlo Tubes

PowerGlo Tubes

MarineGlo Tubes


Starter Units.

Glo Mat Starter Units for T8 tubes, 20W and 30W


Light Reflectors.

Arcadia 24" Reflector

Arcadia 36" Reflector


Treatments & Test Kits

API Stress Zyme

API Stress Coat

API White Spot Cure

API Tap Water Conditioner

API Liquid Ammonia Test Kit

API Liquid Nitrate Test Kit

API Liquid Nitrite Test Kit

Seachem Prime

API Pond Starter Kit

API Season Starter Kit

Interpet No.1 Fresh Start

Interpet No.2 Flora Boost

Interpet No.3 Filter Aid

Interpet No.4 Green Away

Interpet No.5 General Tonic
Interpet No.6 Anti WhiteSpot 

Interpet No.7 Anti Slime and Velvet

Interpet No.8 Anti Fungus and Finrot

Interpet No.9 Anti Internal Bacteria

Interpet No.10 Methylene Blue

Interpet No.12 Anti Crustacean Parasite

Interpet No.13 Swimbladder Treatment

Interpet No.14 Filter Start

NT Labs Sludge Gone

NT Labs Aquarium Lab Multi Test Kit

King British WS3 White Spot Treatment

Cloverleaf Blanket Answer



Ocean Nutrition Cichlid Omni Flakes

Ocean Nutrition Cichlid Veggie Flakes

Ocean Nutrtion Spirulina Flakes

Ocean Nutrition Community Flakes

Ocean Nutrition Tropical Wafers

Ocean Nutrition Goldfish Pellets

Ocean Nutrition Shrimp Wafers

Ocean Nutrition Seaweed, Green

JMC Cat Fish Pellets

Aquarian Algae Wafers

Tetrafin Gold Japan

TetreMin Tropical Flakes

Tetra ReptoMin Turtle Sticks

Tetra ReptoFrog Granules

Aquarian Colour Enhancing Flakes

Aquarian Goldfish Flakes

Fish Science Tropical Granules

NT Labs Probiotic Fish Food


Frozen Food, Blister Packs

Blood Worm


Brine Shrimp/Artemia


Veggie Diet

Cichlid Mix

Tropical Feast

Chopped Mussel

Lance Fish

White Bait

Brine Shrimp, enriched with Garlic

Brine Shrimp, enriched with Spirulina

Turtle Diet

Discus with Added Krill.



Coral Sand 1mm 4kg

Coral Sand 3mm 4kg

Coral Sand 5mm 4kg

Hugo Kamishi Natural Gravel 2kg

Hugo Kamishi Pearly Pink Gravel 2kg

Hugo Kamishi Blue Gravel 2kg

Hugo Kamishi Pearl White Gravel 2kg

Hugo Kamishi Black Gravel 2kg

Silica Sand

Pea Gravel


Gravel Cleaners, Tank Cleaners, Algae Scrapers

Interpet Mini Gravel Cleaner

Interpet Small Gravel Cleaner

Interpet Medium Gravel Cleaner

Interpet Large Gravel Cleaner

Resun Sponge and Scraper, long handle

Resun Scraper with 3 different blades, 5"

Resun Scraper with 3 different blades, 12"

Resun Scraper with 3 different blades, 12-36" Extendable Handle

Resun Replacement Blades, Sponges and Plastic Scraper


Marine Salts.

Tropic Marin Pro Reef Sea Salt 4kg

Tropic Marin Sea Salt 1.24kg

Tetra Marine Sea Salt 2kg

Instant Ocean Hydrometer


Plants and Decor 

Hugo Kamishi bedding plants. 4 Styles.

Hugo Kamishi Reed Plant, plastic plant on base.

Mopani Wood

Bog Wood

Vine Wood

Azalea Root

Ocean Rock

Plants on Rock Bases 19cm

Plants on Rock Bases 30cm


Plant Pots


Half Plant Pots

Grass Mats 26cmx26cm available in 5 different styles



Breeder Net, single

Breeder Box


Air Stones

T-Pieces for Airline

Airline Control Valve

Non Return Valve


Arcadia T8 Light Clips

Fish Nets 4"

Fish Nets 5"

Algae Magnet

Algae Scraper

Silicone Sealant

Seaweed Clips

Resun T Gang Valve Expandable

Resun Battery Digital Thermoeter

Resun Fish Hatchery, Small and Medium

Resun Limewood Airstone

Resun Star 4mm/6mm Airline Suction cup

Resun Glass Thermometers

Hailea Air Curtain 12"

Hailea Air Curtain 18"

Hailea Air Curtain 24"

Hailea Air Curtain 30"

Hailea Air Curtain 36"

Hailea Air Curtain 42"

Hailea Air Curtain 48"

Hailea Heater Guard 

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